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Why Choose Us?

Hundreds of authors have chosen Editing for Authors since we founded our company in 2011. Why? Because we offer the same meticulous, professional editing process that traditional publishing companies depend on to produce best-sellers. How do we know? Simple! Our experienced editors have worked for some of the largest publishing companies in the world, including Prentice Hall, St. Martin’s/Griffin, Oxford University Press, McGraw-Hill, Lippincott, Williams & Wilkins, the New York Times Company, NBC Universal, and more.

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Who Are We?

Our founders, Erica Orloff and Jon VanZile, have worked in publishing for decades, both in traditional publishing and self-publishing.

 We are regular speakers and panelists at events like the James River Writers Conference, local chapters of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators, the Joan Oates Institute, and countless schools and workshops. And of course we’re writers too: our principals have authored or ghostwritten dozens of books, for publishers including Penguin Random House, HarperCollins, and independent publishers.

To arrange your free sample edit, or to learn more about the different types of editing we offer, check out our services below!

Free Sample Edit


Comprehensive Edit

Our most popular edit includes a detailed line edit and editorial feedback, with an optional second round of proofing.

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Polishing Proof

Perfect for books that need a final polishing before they are published or submitted.

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Developmental Edit

Stuck with an unfinished manuscript in need of serious help? Our developmental edit was designed for you!

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Become a Published Author

“I trust you. Can you help me publish my book?”

Over the years, we heard this so often that we got the message: in 2013, we started Dragon Tree Books, a self-publishing company that can take your edited manuscript from your hard drive to major retailers around the world as a print or ebook. We can handle every aspect of the publishing process, from cover and interior book design, to ebook formatting, to distribution through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Nook, Books-A-Million, and hundreds of independent retailers. We work closely with authors and make sure your publishing experience is seamless, while you retain full rights and creative control over your book.

So when you’re ready to make sure your book has every advantage in an increasingly competitive self-publishing marketplace, contact us today to arrange for a free editing sample and begin your journey to publication.

“A book is a gift you can open again and again”

Garrison Keillor


“I wanted to say thanks (again) for helping along the way with my debut novel. My agent just sold it to Pyr, the Prometheus sci-fi imprint. It’s a great house and a perfect fit for my novel. I really appreciate your comments and kind words.”
— Barbara Barnett, author of The Apothecary’s Curse, Pyr, A Random House Company (anticipated release 2017)
“The team was fantastic from start to finish, excelling in print and digital formats. In today’s publishing landscape, you need an editor and publisher that can adapt to the ever-changing demands of modern technology, and find innovative solutions to problems as and when they occur. Editing for Authors and Dragon Tree Books were exceptionally strong in this area. They offered continuous support throughout the creative process, and were a pleasure to work with. If there’s anything more you need from your editor and publisher, I’ve yet to discover what it is. Five-stars. Highly recommended.”
David Margolis, Author of The Billion-Dollar Creative
“Over the years, I have used many editors to help refine my novels, but I was always looking for a service that adds value to the process. I have found that Editing for Authors adds the greatest value. The end result of their upgraded three-step process is a writer who now has in his possession a camera-ready perfect final product available to be sold to anxious and waiting readers.”
— Bryan Mooney, author of eight novels, including the Nick Ryan series and Amazon best-sellers A Second Chance and Love Letters
“Jon VanZile at Editing for Authors is my go-to guy for meticulous editing. He can review a manuscript from start to finish and edit every line for everything from grammar, spelling, and style to drama, pacing, and characterization. With a good feel for content, reader, writer and market, he steered this author through the reefs and shoals of publishing calmly and skillfully.”
Michael G. Winston, Author of World-Class Performance
“Dragon Tree Books and Editing for Authors is a publishing company that sincerely cares about its authors and their projects. The one-on-one mentoring and development advice that I received while working with you was instrumental in taking my book to the next level. My experience was truly fabulous!”
Morgan Lee Scheel, Author of The Fabulous Glitter Girl
“There are editors that help improve your story. Then there are editors that help you grow as an author. Erica Orloff at Editing for Authors pitches her tent in both camps.”
E.J. Godwin, Author of The Silent Tempest trilogy